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In our cat magazineyou will find useful information about nutrition, illnesses, and keeping and caring of cats. Furthermore, there are valuable tips for first-time cat owners on how to deal with the new four-legged family member.

Top themes

Cat nutrition

How can you provide your cat with a healthy diet so that it gets enough nutrients and also enjoys its food? Kitties are very choosy when it comes to food, so this is not an easy task. How can you make sure that your pet stays fit with natural nutrition?

Good cat food

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Feeding cats

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Cat isn't drinking enough

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Our vet provides advice

Do you need advice on feeding your cat? Our specialist vet will be happy to help you!

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Cat health

The health of their cats is something close to the heart of cat owners! What can you do if your cat shows typical symptoms of illness and how can you ensure that your cat stays fit and healthy? Find out in our Cat Health section.

Allergies in cats

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Diabetes in cats

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Diarrhoea in cats

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Cat training

Cats cannot be trained like dogs. Nevertheless, a little training is useful to guarantee a harmonious life together. Here you can find out everything about cat training. 

When cats no longer get on

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Training kittens

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My cat isn’t sleeping at night

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Everyday life with a cat

Your cat likes variety but also wants to have routine in its daily life: In addition to having fixed feeding times, your pet likes you to play with it on a regular basis and also needs to be cuddled. Here you can find out everything you need to know about everyday life with a cat!

Keeping cats occupied

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Understanding and learning cat language

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Taking your cat on holiday with you

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When a kitten moves in, there are many things that first-time owners ask themselves: How long should you wait before letting a kitten outside? How often should you play with it? How long can you leave it on its own? We provide you with valuable tips for the first few days with you kitten.

Feeding kittens

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A kitten is moving in

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DIY ideas for cats

Fun and games for your cat! Our DIY ideas for cats help you to keep your cat occupied and to spend quality time with it – and are also a creative way to put used food packaging and other items to good use.

Katze leckt an DIY Eis

DIY Ice cream for cats