Renal insufficiency in dogs

If a dog has problems urinating, it can be a sign of chronic renal insufficiency.

Conditions affecting internal organs can also occur quite commonly in dogs, especially as they get older. The organs which are particularly significant here are those which are central to the metabolic processes such as the kidneys. As the main excretory organ, they are responsible for daily production of urine. One of their core functions in this regard is the formation of concentrated urine. If the kidneys suffer chronic damage they can no longer adequately fulfil the two most important functions - urine concentration and the elimination of so-called urinary excretion substances. Dogs then suffer chronic under functioning of the kidneys (insufficiency).

Renal insufficiency symptoms

As the urine can no longer be concentrated adequately, the volume of urine which must be excreted each day increases. Dog owners quickly notice this as, quite suddenly, their four-legged friend can no longer go through the night without urinating, for example, or the volume of urine excreted each time visibly increases. Dogs are then generally thirstier i.e. they drink more water.

The problem with chronic under function of the kidneys is that it is a progressive condition i.e. damage to the kidney tissue cannot be stopped. As the urinary excretion substances, which are poisonous in the animal’s body, are no longer eliminated, the animal - in a manner of speaking - is poisoning itself. Animals affected in such a way then become visibly sick. They have no appetite, sleep a lot, tend to vomit and have diarrhoea, and lose weight. There may also be an unpleasant smell from the animal’s mouth.

Therapy for chronic renal insufficiency

Therapy for chronic renal insufficiency can take a number of forms but always involves provision of dietary foods. Renal diets are imperative in order to lower the content in the blood of substances normally excreted in the urine. Renal diets contain less protein than conventional foods so that less urea is formed during the metabolism of protein. This can lower the urea content in the blood. In addition, the phosphorous content is also reduced in order to delay the progressive damage of renal tissue. animonda Integra Protect Kidneys provides dogs and cats with a tasty renal diet, available as wet food and dry food.

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