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All animonda complete foods in the form of wet food contains the recommended amount for cats of 2500 mg taurine per kg of dry matter. Our dry food also contains taurine in quantities of 1500 mg per kg of dry matter.

Cats are able to process taurine more easily in dry food than in wet food. For this reason, more taurine must be included in wet food than in dry food.

All animonda products are manufactured without added sugar.

“Meat and animal by-products” is the term for a specific food group. It is used whenever animal raw materials such as meat and valuable internal organs (heart, liver, lungs) are used in dog and cat food. They originate from animals that are slaughtered for our own (human) nutrition. There are, however, also animal by-products such as claws, feathers or horn, which we never use in our products.

No, we do not perform tests on animals at animonda. To ensure that dogs and cats like eating our products, pets test our food in the familiar surroundings of their own home. The pet owner receives the test product along with instructions for feeding, and a questionnaire. The animals are fed with the test product for a fixed period of time. The amount of food eaten and the behaviour of the animal is recorded.

If the top of a can has a bulge or can be pressed inwards, this is not a quality defect of the product, but is simply a technical phenomenon. When our Carny and GranCarno products are filled into the tins, they are both fresh and chilled, and are then heat-treated during the sterilisation process. This cold-filling system is gentle on our products. 

During the sterilisation process, the contents expand due to the increased temperatures. To prevent the filled cans from bursting, they are never filled right up to the top, while maintaining the net weight. The filling level in the cans can vary due to the different raw material compositions for the different varieties. This means that the more voluminous and lighter the raw materials used in a product are, the fuller the can has to be in order to reach the net weight. This may mean that due to expansion during sterilisation, some individual cans have a bulging top, or the top can be easily pressed inwards, although the sterilisation process has taken place in an optimal way. 

Before our products leave the production process, every sterilisation procedure is checked. No can will leave production without having been properly and thoroughly heat-treated, because every heat-treatment record for every batch is thoroughly examined by a member of the quality assurance team. Only then is it released for shipping. Any discrepancies in the sterilisation process always lead to the goods being held back. Any problems during sterilisation are also immediately and automatically reported: this rules out the possibility of under-sterilisation of a batch going undetected.


On our website it is possible to purchase trial packs. You can find them here. 

Trial packs for dogs  Trial packs for cats

Our vet, Dr Radicke, will be happy to answer your questions and help you calculate the ideal amount of food. 

To the veterinary form


You have the practical option of taking out a food subscription with us for the products of your choice. With recurring delivery, you will receive the products you want regularly at the chosen frequency.

When you take out a pet food subscription, you will receive a 10% discount on every delivery from animonda.

Yes, the subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time.


animonda products are available from specialist retailers, online, and from some vets. Our store locater will help you to find a stockist near you.

Your order will usually be sent within 1-3 working days. When we have received the order, we will send you an order confirmation. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number. This will allow you to accurately track the delivery of your order.

If an item is damaged during transport or is missing, please feel free to contact our customer service using the contact form.

Vouchers and discounts can be redeemed at the end of the ordering process during the payment procedure.

No, there is no minimum order requirement for your purchase.


We use DHL Go Green and DPD Driving Change to ship our products.

No, we are currently unable to offer you express delivery. All products are sent via standard shipping.

Yes, you can select delivery to a Packstation during the ordering process.

The delivery time within Germany is usually 1-3 working days.


For individual feeding advice, please feel free to contact our expert vet Dr Radicke using our veterinarian form.  

Kittens need a food that is specially tailored to the nutritional requirements at this sensitive stage of their lives. With this food, your kitten has optimum support in the strenuous growth phase.

For individual feeding advice, please feel free to contact our expert vet Dr Radicke using our veterinarian form.  

The changeover to a new food should always be carried out slowly, so that the dog’s stomach and intestines can get used to the new food. The duration of the changeover varies from one dog to another. Over a period of 10-14 days, the amount of new food should be gradually increased and the amount of the usual food reduced. 

If you need further tips on the changeover of food, you can use the veterinarian form to get in direct contact with our vet.

Young dogs need a food that is specially tailored to the nutritional requirements at this sensitive stage of their lives. With this food, your puppy has optimum support in the strenuous growth phase.

Small and medium-sized dogs are usually switched to adult food at the age of 12 months. Tall dogs, however, such as Great Danes are not fully grown until the age of 24 months. 

For individual feeding advice, please feel free to contact our expert vet Dr Radicke.

The need for particular nutrients changes as a dog grows older. The food given to older dogs should therefore take these different requirements into account. Not all dogs age at the same rate. This also depends on the breed of dog. Very large breeds are considered to be senior citizens of the canine community at just 6 years of age, while medium-sized and small dogs count as seniors when they are 7 years old. 

For individual feeding advice, you can contact our specialist vet Dr Radicke

Wet food can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Before feeding, the food must have reached room temperature.


In our online shop you can choose between the following payment methods:

PayPal, SOFORT, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, giropay  or Klarna- invoice (for orders of €20 or more).

Additional payment methods are available for foreign customers:

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