Our corporate philosophy

Our vision, which motivates us and to which we are committed:

Our mission in order to achieve our long-term goal:

Every dog and every cat needs the best nutrition. It makes us happy to be able to provide every pet owner with a high-quality, value-for-money food that is

  • prepared with natural ingredients,
  • always free from artificial colours and flavours, 
  • developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists in accordance with the latest scientific findings for healthy, species-appropriate and sustainable pet nutrition.

Our corporate culture reflects the attitudes and fundamental values that we live by and strive to implement:

Our attitudes

  • We love animals. Animals enrich our lives. We want to ensure that pets lead a species-appropriate, happy and healthy life and live with their families for a long time.
  • Since the day we were founded, we have been inspired by nature and our roots in the traditional butcher’s trade, always striving to provide the best food for dogs and cats.
  • We actively embrace an open and free corporate culture, which is enhanced by the family-like structure of the company.
  • We communicate with the objective of being problem and solution oriented. We cultivate a culture of responsibility and benefit from collective intelligence and collegial support.
  • We strive for fast, stable and sustainable processes to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction for our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. We continuously adapt our corporate structure to meet future requirements, especially with regard to sustainability.
  • We minimise communication losses and actively support the exchange of interdisciplinary information (marketing, purchasing, sales, retailers). Clear functional descriptions, expertise, and decision-making skills help us to fulfil the tasks at hand.
  • We see leadership as an integral part of one’s personal responsibilities and place our focus on the employee.
  • We regard the performance of leadership tasks as the systematic development of one’s personality and skills, which leads to a positive collaborative culture and ultimately to an enhancement of motivation and performance.
  • We support the expertise, authorisation, and independent decision-making and activities of every employee.
  • We are committed to the strategic necessity of innovative and sustainable new product developments in order to remain a leading market force and to further expand our market position.

Our core values

  • We demonstrate a high level of responsibility and respect towards every pet, the pet owner, and our customers.
  • We guarantee the highest level of safety for pets, pet owners, our customers and our employees and are committed to transparency and honesty.
  • We guarantee the high quality of our products and constantly strive to sustainably further improve our offerings.
  • We guarantee a strong commitment to excellence and a fair price-performance ratio for pet owners and our customers in order to make our high-quality pet food available to as many pets as possible.
  • We ensure innovation by focusing on new solutions to develop internationally leading products.