The dietary food programme for specific nutritional therapy for cats

Cats with medical conditions have the same, if not higher demands on their food as healthy animals: it has to taste good and offer plenty of variety. This is why INTEGRA PROTECT provides wet and dry food for cats with excellent spontaneous and long-term acceptance.

Special dietary food for cats with medical conditions: animonda INTEGRA PROTECT

Delicious and specially for cats with a medical condition: animonda INTEGRA PROTECT! The INTEGRA PROTECT cat food has been specially developed by vets and is tailored to cats suffering from chronic renal insufficiency, food allergies, acute diarrhoea, urinary stones (struvite stones, and oxalate stones) or diabetes mellitus. For many conditions, following the relevant diagnosis, the therapy provided by the vet can be supported with a suitable dietary food for the affected cat, that takes into account its specific nutritional requirements.

Our INTEGRA PROTECT top sellers

INTEGRA PROTECT with Duck Urinary oxalate stones

prevention of calcium oxalate stones

urine pH 6.7

coordinated mineral content

no grains

excellent acceptance

INTEGRA PROTECT with Veal Urinary struvit stones

prevention of struvite stones

urine pH < 6.5

coordinated mineral content

no grains

excellent acceptance

TempName en

diabetes mellitus

rich in protein

no starch and no sugar

coordinated mineral content

excellent acceptance

INTEGRA PROTECT pure Chicken Intestinal

acute diarrhea

highly digestible turkey

highly digestible rice, no gluten

increased sodium and potassium content

high acceptance

The dietary food that tastes delicious

Particularly with special dietary food for various medical disorders in cats, it is important that the cat food contributes to the alleviation of the symptoms. If, for example, your cat is suffering from a food allergy, INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive can provide relief with its single source of protein. However, even cats with medical conditions place demands on what they eat and want a wet or dry food that is delicious. INTEGRA PROTECT is very well accepted by pets.

Icon von Tierärzten entwickelt
Developed by vets
Well-balanced recipes for specific care
Icon für spezielle Nährstoffansprüche
For special nutritional requirements
Specific care in the case of special nutritional requirements
Icon gute Akzeptanz
Excellent acceptance
Excellent spontaneous and long-term acceptance
Icon vorzüglicher Geschmack
Wide choice of varieties
Available both as wet and dry food
Icon keine unnötigen Zusatzstoffe
No additives
No flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives

Test the INTEGRA PROTECT products for cats

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What our customers say..

Integra Protect Sensitive Cat – the best choice for us ever since our cat has had an overactive thyroid. He loves Integra Protect Sensitive (Cat), so we love it too!


Our cat suffers from chronic renal insufficiency, and we were looking for the right food. With Integra Protect Sensitive, we found a food that he tolerates well and likes very much.


Sadly, our Tommy developed a kidney condition a long time ago. With the kidney food from Integra we have been able to delay the progression of the illness!


FAQs: your questions about animonda INTEGRA PROTECT Cat

Dietary food for cats does not necessarily mean food that is designed to help the cat lose weight. Dietary food is special food that is tailored to the special needs of cats with medical conditions. There are, for example, wet foods that are specially formulated for cats with kidney disease or for cats with a food intolerance. Special dietary food such as INTEGRA PROTECT cat food can help to improve or prevent the symptoms.

Cats with a kidney disorder can be given a food specially designed for the special requirements associated with chronic renal insufficiency. Our INTEGRA PROTECT Renal products for cats have been developed by vets – they have reduced amounts of phosphorus and protein and ensure a reduction in stress on the kidneys and a lowering of the urea content in the cat’s blood. INTEGRA PROTECT Renal for cats is very well accepted and also well tolerated.

If your cat has a food allergy, a special diet with just one source of animal protein can have a beneficial effect on its wellbeing. INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive contains just one high-quality protein source, for example chicken. INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive is well accepted by nutritionally sensitive cats and can improve itching or vomiting caused by a food intolerance.