Meaty fresh, the way cats love it!

Balanced cat nutrition at its best: animonda Carny delights cats with its selected meaty ingredients. Our delicious Carny complete cat food provides cats from kittens to seniors with all the essential nutrients and vitamins they need.

Carny cat food - with a high proportion of meaty ingredients

Delicious and healthy! Cats are carnivores by nature and love food with a high meat content. That’s why Carny cat food is made with fresh, meaty ingredients – they are processed quickly and gently to retain all the important nutrients. The essential minerals and vitamins contained in Carny complete food enhance the species-appropriate cat food and cater for your cat’s nutritional requirements.

Carny is a high-quality cat food that accompanies cats throughout their lives: it is optimally tailored to the different phases of a cat’s life – in accordance with its age and special requirements.

No cat can resist it: meaty-fresh Carny

With Carny, the declaration is open and honest – just like the product itself: all the animal ingredients used are listed in detail (e.g. beef muscle meat, beef heart). So you know exactly what is going into your cat’s bowl.

Icon hochwertige fleischliche Zutaten
Meaty fresh
100 % meaty ingredients in the wet food
Icon ohne Getreide
No grains
Guaranteed grain-free
Icon ohne Zucker und Soja

No sugar

No added sugar or soya
Icon keine unnötigen Zusatzstoffe
No additives
No flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives
Icon vorzüglicher Geschmack
Natural & unadulterated
The unadulterated taste of meat that cats love

The right food for every phase of life.

In the course of a cat’s life, the demands on its food change. This is why the nutritional composition of the food should always be adapted to suit the age of the cat.

Test our Carny products

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What our customers say..

I got my cats from a shelter and first had to change their food. I was already familiar with Carny and, as a vegan, it was important to me that my cats only got the best meat, so it was an easy decision. My cats headed straight for the food, and they still always come running as soon as they smell their Carny! Much better than other brands with unnecessary additives. With Carny you get exactly the amount of meat and protein a cat needs.


Ever since our cat became part of the family, we have been giving him Carny. When the can is open and the contents are in the bowl, it never takes long until the bowl is clean again. Thanks to the wide choice of products, our pet’s menu is very varied. There is no variety that it doesn’t like. The food has a pleasant smell and you can clearly see the chunks of meat.

Berit with Socke

Carny has been there for our cat family right from the beginning.


FAQs: your questions about our carny cat food

Our Carny cat food contains no sugar. The tasty wet food has no added sugar and uses high-quality, meaty ingredients such as heart, lung, liver, meat and fish. Cats are carnivores, and Carny has been specially formulated to cater for the nutritional needs of cats.

Cats are unable to produce taurine themselves, so they ingest it through their food. Carny complete food contains the recommended amount of essential taurine for cats. Our animonda wet cat food is a real complete food and provides cats with the recommended amount of taurine.

The delicious Carny wet food has a high meaty content of up to 68%. The fresh meaty ingredients are tailored to the cat’s requirements in a species-appropriate way, and provide it with everything it needs. In addition, the high proportion of meaty ingredients ensures that the cat is provided with sufficient protein.

animonda Carny cat food does not contain any grains. The predecessors of our domestic cats had an exclusively animal-based diet, so the metabolism of our pets is also primarily geared to proteins from meaty raw materials.