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An exquisite flavour guaranteed! animonda Vom Feinsten dog food pampers discerning gourmet dogs with delicious, selected meaty ingredients of the highest quality. The mouth-watering recipes will delight any junior, adult or senior dog with gourmet tastes.

A wide choice of varieties for gourmet dogs: animonda Vom Feinsten dog food

Small-breed dogs are known to be very discerning and choosy. This is why animonda Vom Feinsten dog food offers a wide range of varieties for four-legged friends at every stage of their lives. Over 20 tasty Vom Feinsten products are waiting for your dog – for those daily moments of indulgence. Vom Feinsten Dog introduces delicious variety to your dog’s food bowl – with fine consistencies that dogs love! In a delicious sauce, with tender paté or with an irresistible gourmet centre, no four-legged friend can resist our Vom Feinsten dog food.

Our Vom Feinsten top seller

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finely chunky patés with a gourmet centre

selected meaty ingredients

no grains, soya or sugar

no artificial colours or preservatives

for adult dogs from 1-6 years old

Vom Feinsten with Chicken + salmon in sauce

tender chunks in gourmet sauce

with selected meaty ingredients

indulgence at its finest

no grain, no soya

no sugar

Finest recipes with selected ingredients

The delicious animonda Vom Feinsten dog food provides dogs with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Carefully selected, high-quality meaty deer or poultry ingredients pamper the palate of your gourmet four-legged friend. Combined with delicious accompaniments such as egg, ham and apricots, Vom Feinsten makes the hearts of discerning dogs beat faster. Vom Feinsten Mini has been developed for very small breeds of dog. The delicious wet food impresses with its great-tasting recipes and aromatic herbs. Maximum enjoyment for mini dogs!

Icon feinste Rezepturen
Finest recipes
For a special variety of flavours
Icon vorzüglicher Geschmack
Exquisite taste
Gently processed ingredients
Icon hochwertige fleischliche Zutaten
Selected meaty ingredients
Selected ingredients for gourmet dogs
Icon ohne Zucker und Soja
No sugar
No added sugar or soya
Icon keine unnötigen Zusatzstoffe
No additives
No flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives

The right food for every phase of life

In the course of a dog’s life, the demands on its food change. This is why the nutritional composition of the food should always be adapted to suit the age of the dog.

Test the Vom Feinsten products for dogs

Would you like to see the quality of our Vom Feinsten products for yourself? Then why not discover our trial pack at a special price.

What our customers say ..

Animonda was recommended to us by the breeder. It is great for Archi and he loves to eat it. It is good value for money.

Theresa with Archi

We got our Kelly from a shelter and were looking for a well-tolerated food that also appeals to her. I can absolutely recommend animonda to anyone for whom a high level of tolerability and acceptance is important.

Karolin with Kelly

We are active pensioners and go on daily outings with Charly. We always have some Vom Feinsten trays with us, as they are very practical to take along and Charly enjoys them very much. He licks the contents straight out of the tray and then continues on his way!

Lothar with Charly

FAQs: your questions about animonda Vom Feinsten dog food

Small-breed dogs in particular are considered to be very choosy little gourmets. The more than 20 delicious Vom Feinsten varieties are perfect for surprising them again and again with delicious new flavours. The exquisite recipes combined with meaty ingredients of the highest quality are sure to impress any gourmet dog.

Vom Feinsten for dogs can accompany your beloved four-legged friend throughout its life! Our vets have developed this delicious wet dog food for junior dogs up to one year old, adult dogs from one year of age and senior dogs from the age of 7. Right from the beginning, your little friend can get used to a delicious food that tastes great at every stage of its life. As a dog owner, you can rely on the quality of the high-class brand and do not have to worry about other types of dog food, because you have everything your pet needs at your fingertips.

Vom Feinsten is a premium dog food that meets the high demands of pampered dogs. Carefully selected meaty ingredients and delicious, high-quality accompaniments are what make this luxury dog food so unique. The complete food provides dogs with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need, and contains no soya, sugar or grains.