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animonda Vom Feinsten cat food is ideal for choosy feline connoisseurs who love selected meaty ingredients and exceptionally delicious recipes. A unique delight that will impress any growing, adult or older cat with sophisticated gourmet tastes!

animonda Vom Feinsten Cat Food for discerning cats

Gourmet cats love Vom Feinsten wet food because it adds delicious variety to their bowls! Special, selected meaty ingredients meet fine consistencies. Whether with paté, in a delicate sauce, as a fine mousse or with a delicious gourmet centre – feline gourmets will be pleasantly surprised time and time again.

With the varied Vom Feinsten product range, pampered cats can be given a new delicacy every day. The speciality product selection delights discerning cats with its exquisite flavours and provides them with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Vom Feinsten Snack Cream provides even more moments of indulgence between meals: the creamy texture will impress even the most discerning gourmet cat.

Finest recipes with selected ingredients

Vom Feinsten cat food makes choosy pets purr: exceptional meaty ingredients such as white tuna or pheasant – enhanced with delicious accompaniments such as cheese, carrots and spinach. Gourmet cats who like crunchy delights can be pampered with our luxurious Vom Feinsten dry food. Vom Feinsten Custard Snack ensures even more moments of indulgence in between meals: the smooth texture is sure to impress discerning feline gourmets. Furry friends can lick up this deliciously meaty snack straight from the dish.

Icon feinste Rezepturen
Finest recipes
51 recipes for a special variety of flavours
Icon vorzüglicher Geschmack
Exquisite taste
Gently processed ingredients
Icon hochwertige fleischliche Zutaten
Selected meaty ingredients
Selected ingredients for gourmet cats
Icon ohne Zucker und Soja
No sugar
No added sugar or soya
Icon keine unnötigen Zusatzstoffe
No additives
No flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives

The right food for every phase of life

In the course of a cat's life, the demands on its food change. This is why the nutritional composition of the food should always be adapted to suit the age of the cat.

Test the Vom Feinsten products for cats

Would you like to see the quality of our Vom Feinsten products for yourself? Then why not discover our trial pack at a special price.

What our customers say..

Our cat, Luna, is a fussy eater. Ever since she first tasted your wet food “Vom Feinsten” with milk, she always sits and waits for her bowl in the evening. For a change, I can also give her one of the many varieties with lots of sauce, which she loves as well.

Nico with Luna

One member of our family is a black cat. And as you would expect, we pamper him! Who doesn’t spoil their cat? After all, they say that dogs have masters, but cats have servants! So we try to do our job as best as we can. Our old cat, Romeo, has become a fussy eater and he often didn’t finish his food. But now we have found something with lots of sauce that Romeo is particularly fond of: “Vom Feinsten with beef + turkey fillet”. If we want to get him to come to us, then the Milkies Cat Snacks are ideal. A quick rustle of the bag and there he is

Chris with Romeo

Animonda vom Feinsten really is an excellent product and it is great value for money. My cats adore it; their bowls are always empty in next to no time.


FAQs: your questions about animonda Vom Feinsten cat food

Most of the delicious wet food varieties from Vom Feinsten are produced without grains. Our Vom Feinsten Deluxe grain-free dry food is also produced without any grains. It is made from easy-to-digest poultry and wholesome potato – which means that Vom Feinsten dry food is also ideal for nutritionally sensitive pets.

The exquisite recipes used for the Vom Feinsten wet and dry food do not contain any sugar. Here, we placed great importance on selecting special meaty ingredients that will satisfy even the most discerning feline connoisseur. The delicious accompaniments in this cat food also meet the high demands of gourmet cats.

Choosy cats want to be surprised time and time again with new, special flavours. They also place great value on high-quality, selected ingredients and a variety of textures. Vom Feinsten has been developed for gourmet cats with particularly high demands when it comes to their cat food. The carefully coordinated recipes and the smooth consistencies of sauce, paté and gourmet centres ensure unique enjoyment in your pet’s bowl!