The snack your dogs deserve

Our meaty, functional animonda dog snacks are the perfect way to enhance the balanced diet of your four-legged friend with animonda dog food!

animonda dog snacks: meaty, functional dog treats

Four-legged friends love dog snacks! Whether as a tasty reward or in the form of a functional Dental Stick to care for your dog’s teeth – enjoying these snacks will always be a tasty highlight for your dog. The meaty animonda Meat Chunks are ideal for rewarding your pet, and the animonda Dental Sticks provide daily care for your dog’s teeth and gums.

Our top sellers

animonda Pure Chicken Meat Chunks

high meat content

only one source of animal protein

gently air-dried

no grain

no added sugar and soya

animonda Pure Turkey Meat Chunks

high meat content

only one source of animal protein

gently air-dried

no grain

no added sugar and soya

Meat Chunks Pure Lamb

high meat content

just one animal protein

gently air-dried


Dental Sticks Maxi

for daily dental care

helps reduce plaque

with active ingredient Stay-C®

no added sugar

Pampering your dog with a clear conscience

Our tasty dog snacks are made in Germany using only the best ingredients – without any soya, sugar or colourings. They are ideal for dental care and dog training. The Meat Chunks impress with a high meat content and just one source of animal protein. The delicious dental sticks can protect your four-legged friend’s teeth from tartar.

Icon ohne Zucker
No sugar

Made without sugar

Icon ohne Soja
No soya

Guaranteed soya-free

Icon keine unnötigen Zusatzstoffe
No additives
No flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives
Icon ohne künstliche Farb- und Konservierungsstoffe
Ohne künstliche Farb- und Konservierungsstoffe
Icon made in Germany

Made in Germany

Test our dog-snack products

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What our customers say..

The Meat Chunks make training with Tara really easy. Great value for money.

Sarah with Tara

Emma loves the snacks. A high meat content and no additives. The snacks can also be divided into small pieces for training.

Domi with Emma

Our dog, Nico, was a stray. He first had to learn trust and respect. The dog snacks were perfect for this. He still loves them and we use them every day as a little reward.

Jessi with Nico

FAQs: your questions about our animonda dog snacks

The animonda Dental Sticks are a delicious way to care for your dog’s teeth. These dental care snacks contain the active ingredient Stay-C®, a stabilised form of vitamin C. This helps to prevent tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth when given to your pet daily. Our product range includes dental sticks that are specially tailored to the size of your dog.

The animonda Meat Chunks are not only irresistibly delicious, but they also delight dogs with their 98% meat content. This delicious dog snack comes in the varieties Pure Lamb, Pure Turkey, Pure Chicken and Pure Beef, each with just one source of animal protein.

Our Dental Sticks and Meat Chunks are snacks that dogs receive as a supplement to their main meals – consisting of wet and/or dry food. You can also easily break the chunks into smaller pieces for use when training your dog. Use our feeding recommendations as a guide for the portion sizes.