animonda Maxi

for daily oral care

contributes to the reduction of plaque

with active ingredient Stay-C®

for daily oral care

contributes to the reduction of plaque

with active ingredient Stay-C®

no added sugar

no colouring


Content: 0.165 Kilogramm (€13.88 / 1 Kilogramm)
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Dental Sticks Maxi: dental care sticks for large dogs

Perfect for your dog’s daily dental care and at the same time so delicious: Dental Sticks Maxi. This dental care snack has been tailored to large dogs weighing 25 kg and above.  

The dental care sticks can support a dog’s dental health. The active ingredient Stay-C®, which is based on vitamin C, helps to prevent the formation of tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Feeding recommendation

When calculating the ideal amount of food for dogs, the age, weight and temperament of the pet should always be taken into account.

The following recommended amounts can be used as a general guideline:

  • if a dog weighs 25 kg, it can be given three quarters of a Dental Stick per day
  • if it weighs 38 kg, a dog can receive one Dental Stick a day
  • at a weight of 65 kg, it should be given one and a half pieces of Dental Stick

Our specialist vet, Dr Radicke, will be happy to provide you with individually tailored feeding recommendations for the missing weights.

Dog snacks as a reward & for dental care – Pampering your dog with a clear conscience

Delicious and healthy! Dental care snacks such as our Dental Sticks can support a dog’s dental health and reduce plaque when eaten daily. They delight adult dogs with their delicious taste. Dog treats such as our Meat Chunks are a delicious reward for your four-legged friend and are ideal for training your pet.


Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and anminal derivatives, oils and fats, minerals (amongst others 0.6 % sodium hexametaphosphate).

Complementary pet food for adult dogs

more information:
Inorganic sodium compound that forms chelates. These chelates help to reduce tartar.
  • Protein 8 %
  • fat cotent 4 %
  • crude fibre 1 %
  • crude ash 6.3 %
  • moisture 22 %
Weight of the dog Stick per day
25 kg 0.75
38 kg 1
65 kg 1.5