Knabbersticks Rote Bete Red

Complementary pet food for adult dogs


Content: 0.06 Kilogramm (€46.50 / 1 Kilogramm)
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Introducing BugBell's Softe Knabbersticks - Rote Bete - the ultimate vegan snacking experience for your beloved canine companion!

Crafted in Germany, these delectable plant-based knabbersticks are designed to delight adult dogs with their robust beech smoke flavor, perfectly tailored to satisfy your dog's discerning palate.

Packed with nutritious beetroot, these sticks not only promise irresistible taste but also promote your dog's well-being. Free from any animal-derived ingredients, they are gentle on your pet's digestion and contribute to environmental sustainability with their plant-based composition.

Treat your furry friend to a healthy, flavorsome, and eco-friendly reward that will make their tail wag with joy!


Potatoes, beetroot (5 %), glycerol, peas, potatoe starch, powder cellulose, rice.

Complementary pet food for adult dogs

more information:
  • Crude protein: 7 %
  • crude fat: 1 %
  • crude fibre: 4 %
  • crude ash: 3 %
  • moisture: 25 %
Weight of the dog pieces per day
3 - 8 kg 1 - 2
15 - 25 kg: 3 - 5
35 kg 6