Trockenfutter SkinHero Orange

Only with insect protein

Hypoallergenic (hardly any allergy potential)

No added gluten, sugar or soy

Only with insect protein

Hypoallergenic (hardly any allergy potential)

No added gluten, sugar or soy

Reduced protein and fat

Functional ingredients (see composition)


Content: 7 Kilogramm (€9.00 / 1 Kilogramm)
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BugFutter Orange mit Insekten, Karotte & Hefe 7Kg

Introducing BugFutter Orange Insekten, Karotte & Hefe - the solution for your furry friend's skin and coat issues, as well as pesky parasite problems.

Our innovative formula is specially designed to care for your dog's skin and fur, with carefully selected ingredients that also support the body's natural defense against ticks and fleas.

BugFutter Orange features insect protein as a source of high-quality protein. Carrots are included for their rich content of Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, essential for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Additionally, it supports vision and the maintenance of skin and mucous membranes.

The inclusion of brewer's grains and yeast provides a rich source of B-vitamins and minerals, which can have a positive impact on skin, fur, and a healthy gut flora. This combination supports skin metabolism and aids in digestion.

BugFutter Orange also contains black cumin and coconut oil, both of which possess antimicrobial properties that can support skin and fur, as well as act as a natural defense against parasites.

Furthermore, BugFutter Orange includes rockrose and rosemary, known for their natural essential repellents, which can help deter parasites such as fleas and ticks from your dog.

BugFutter Orange Insekten, Karotte & Hefe is the friendly solution for dog owners looking to provide their furry companions with the best care for their skin, coat, and overall well-being.


Insect flour (33 % Hermetia illucens - corresponds to approx. 80 % fresh insects), potato flakes (32 %), potato flour (16 %), rapeseed oil (4 %), brewer's grains (4 %), minerals (3 %), carrot pomace, dried (2.5 %), linseed oil (1.5 %), coconut oil (1 %), rosemary powder (1 %), black cumin oil (0.4 %), cistus herb (0.4 %), brewer's yeast (0.3%).

Complete pet food for adult dogs

more information:
  • Crude protein: 22.5 %
  • crude fat: 11 %
  • crude fibre: 4 %
  • crude ash: 7.5 %
  • moisture: 8,7 %
  • sodium: 0.4 %
  • potassium: 0.7 %
  • calcium: 0.9 %
  • phosphorus: 0.5 %
  • Ca: P ratio: 1.8:1
Weight of the dog g per day
2 kg - 5 kg 50 - 100 g
10 kg - 15 kg 150 - 250 g
20 kg - 30 kg 250 - 350 g, > 40 kg